1,000 Km Per Charge, Elon Wishes Tesla Cofounders Were Different, Classical Music Gets Best Range

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01:15 – Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Travels 1,000 km+ on a single charge
02:14 – Ford announces April 26th launch event for start of F150 Lightning deliveries
03:02 – During TED talk, Elon Musk says only JB Straubel and he should have been Tesla co founders
03:59 – Toyota Prices BZ4X ahead of market launch this spring
04:59 – Proterra announces a new longer-range variant to its bus lineup
05:53 – Opibus becomes ROAM in new rebranding
06:48 – Vinfast announces pricing, mandatory battery leasing for its VF8, VF9.
07:45 – Kia updates the Niro EV for 2023
08:47 – Rimac completes its winter testing ahead of vehicle deliveries
09:50 – UBCO announces investment in cobalt-free cylindrical cells through partnership with Chemix
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11:40 – Renault halts production of the Mégane e-Tech due to parts shortages from Ukraine
11:55 – Wallbox selects Texas as home to its U.S. factory
12:11 – AESC announces battery facility in Kentucky to supply Mercedes-Benz, others
12:28 – Go Scooters stolen in Brussels after being hacked
12:49 – Bollinger MOtors gets first commercial contract with Con Edison
13:06 – Australian PM put under increasing pressure to invest in EVs, not fossil fuels
13:21 – Mahindra teases three new electric SUVS it will unevil in July
13:38 – Ontario considers allowing a new lower-rate for EV owners to encourage overnight charging
13:55 – GM signs a deal with Glencore to secure multi-year supply chain for Cobalt
14:10 – LA City Council votes to electrify the city’s vehicle fleet
14:25 – Tata wants to take over old Ford factory in india to make EVs
14:43 – Audi teases a new concept for reveal next week
14:58 – Honda teases two new electric sports cars – one looks like an NSX
15:15 – Washington state thinks the key to understanding EV adoption lies with gasoline superusers
15:30 – Fisker announces a new base of operations in India
15:46 – Tesla announces a new Model Y variant- but it’s only available to employees for now
16:02 – Toyota to make the Crown nameplate an SUV, offer an electric version
16:19 – Volkswagen makes online leasing available in Germany for its ID vehicles
16:38 – X Shore secures another $50 million to ramp up production
16:52 – Tesla Trademarks “Cyberbackpack”
17:08 – Nissan updates the LEAF for 2023, but only offers two variants
17:28 – Tesla’s largest battery storage project remains shut down
17:44 – Australia EV network ventures out into rural parts of Victoria
18:07 – Trove teases new electric motorcycle for India
18:22 – Mahi Two autonomous electric vessel crosses the atlantic
18:39 – Vancouver, BC considers fine for gas stations, parking spaces with no EV charging
18:58 – Hyundai announces plans for a U.S. EV production facility and U.S. Battery facility
19:13 – Deus Automobiles unveils a new electric hypercar at the NY Auto Show
19:36 – Volkswagen has a plan to increase the range of its MEB platform
20:36 – Kia-sponsored survey says the best way to increase EV range is to listen to classical music!
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