1,800 Mile Chevrolet Bolt EV Road Trip: Part 4

From News Coulomb.

This part of the trip is the first leg of my return home. I’ve driven Highway 395 in my Chevrolet Bolt EV before; however, I’ve never had a chance to drive the route northbound. Also, in the two years since I originally drove the route, a number of new chargers have gone online, make the trip much easier for EVs relying on the public charging infrastructure.

Chargers used or referenced on this trip:
EVgo, Baker: https://www.plugshare.com/location/157532
Electrify America, Baker: https://www.plugshare.com/location/196551
Electrify America, Barstow: https://www.plugshare.com/location/186195
ChargePoint, Inyokern: https://www.plugshare.com/location/288239
Electrify America, Coso Junction (Olancha): https://www.plugshare.com/location/252237
Electrify America, Bishop: https://www.plugshare.com/location/186193