1975 Lotus Elite update|adding the motor & gearbox|Down at the barns-episode 25

From Down at the barns.

Work has now begun on the 1975 Lotus Elite which you may remember from our Christmas edition, this car was some what unique in that it had already been electrified some ten years before and while a fairly good job had been made of it the whole thing looked rather amateur compared to the kind of installation that can now be applied to this classic cars. Nick from Eco Classics demonstrates how the powerful motor and gearbox will be installed together with the prop shaft and how the batteries will be fitted in both front and rear with the charging points. This classic Lotus Elite will return to the road with incredible efficiently and performance compared to its previous electric incarnation.

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If you are thinking of converting your car to electric please contact Nick Mason co founder of Eco Classics and contributor to DATBS


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