2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition: InsideEVs 70 MPH Range Test

From InsideEVs.

We complete the first official independent range test of the Lucid Air Dream Edition Range.

InsideEVs editor Tom Moloughney travels to Arizona to take the Lucid Air Dream for a drive, and it ends up being quite a long one. In past range tests, we typically fall slightly short of the EPA claim, because the tests are done at highway speed the entire time. For Tom and this test, the goal is to hit 500 miles of highway driving range.

We knew going into the range test that the Air would likely crush the 310-mile range test results we achieved on a 2021 Tesla Model 3 in our 70-mph range test, which was our range test leader until now. The only question that remained was by how much.

We’ve been trying to schedule this test for the past 2 months but had to cancel once due to bad weather, and another time because I came down with COVID, but Lucid has been very accommodating and told us the vehicle would be ready when we were, and they delivered as promised last week in Arizona.

The Air’s range and consumption rate were fairly consistent in each quarter of the range test. The beginning of the test delivered the worst range as 100% to 75% only netted 120 miles.

The following three-quarters of the trip achieved 128, 126, & 126, respectively. The consumption rate remained consistent and was on 4.3 mi per kWh for the vast majority of the drive, and only dropped down to 4.2 mi/kWh on occasion.

When the range test was over, we had used 117+ kWh of the Air’s 118 kWh usable battery capacity, so we really ran it down to a completely drained battery. We drove the Air for six miles after the state of charge read zero, and about 3 more miles after the display said we had consumed 117 kWh on the trip. That leads us to believe we had less than .25 kWh left in the battery when we ended the test.

00:00 – 03:05 Introduction
03:05 – 11:03 Drive To 50% Charge
11:03 – 13:06 50% to 0%
13:06 – 15:54 The Results