2023 BMW i7: First Look (Up-Close Details)

From InsideEVs.

We take our first look at the new 2023 BMW i7 sedan, getting all of the up-close details from contributer, Tom Moloughney.

The pinnacle of the BMW brand, the 7-Series, will soon be available without an internal combustion engine for the very first time, and it’s called the 2023 BMW i7 xDrive60. BMW’s new 7-series will also be available in the standard combustion form, and as a plug-in hybrid, for those not quite sure if they are ready for a pure EV but think they want to move on from ICE.  

The new 7 utilizes BMW’s flexible Cluster Architecture – (CLAR) platform, which allows the i7 to be produced on the same manufacturing line as its ICE and PHEV brothers. Therefore the i7 doesn’t have a bespoke chassis, as is the case for the BMW iX.

It also doesn’t have a front storage compartment or "frunk". The BMW representatives at the first look event held last week at the NY Auto Show explained that was because the i7 is built alongside the ICE and PHEV 7-series and the components upfront don’t allow for a storage area.

But what about that huge space where the ICE normally would be? We couldn’t get a concise answer to that question. It’s clear by now that BMW doesn’t place much importance on their EVs having a front storage area because the i4, the iX and now the i7 doesn’t have one.