’80s Classic Nissan converted to EV – full review

From The Late Brake Show.

Is this the ultimate ’80s EV converted classic car? The ’80s Bluebird is certainly not exotic, but it was the first model Nissan built in their (then new) British factory 35 years ago. To commemorate this accolade Nissan commissioned this EV restomod conversion, which uses a 1989 survivor Bluebird 1.8 GS and salvage parts from a Nissan Leaf electric car, plus a new battery pack from the current model Leaf. Welcome to Jonny Smith’s review of the ‘Newbird’ project.

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The conversion was carried out for Nissan by Darlington based firm Kinghorn electric vehicles ( https://kinghornev.com ). According to George Kinghorn: ‘We aimed to keep the soul of the Bluebird whilst giving it the heart and as many salvaged components of the LEAF.’ The battery pack is a new 40kWh pack taken from the production line in Sunderland.
Nissan Newbird technical Specification
·      Motor: 107hp / 80kW recycled from a crash damaged 30kWh LEAF
·      Inverter: Recycled from a crash damaged 30kWh LEAF
·      Reduction Transmission: Recycled from a crash damaged 30kWh LEAF
·      Batteries: New 40kWh pack consisting of 24 modules. 16 in the rear and 8 in the front.
·      Battery boxes & Motor Mounts: Custom made
·      Charger: New 6.6 kW charger located in rear battery box
·      Charge port: Type 1 charger port recycled from LEAF behind fuel door (could be made Type 2)
·      Motor Control Unit: New
·      Throttle Pedal: Recycled LEAF unit
·      Battery Management System: New
·      DCDC Converter: New
·      Contactors and Pre-charge Relays: New
·      Water Pump: New 12v unit
·      Radiator: New – Custom made
·      Vacuum Pump: New 12v unit
·      Power steering pump: Recycled 12v Electric/Hydraulic pump
·      Heater: Water matrix replaced with New 3kW PTC Heater element in same location
·      State of Charge (SOC) Display: Custom electronic adapter to drive original fuel gauge
·      Lights: LED Headlights & Backlit grille badge
·      Suspension: Upgraded to Bilstein shock absorbers all round. Adjustable rear ride height.

 Original kerb weight: 1155kg
 Converted kerb weight: 1190kg

Power, Performance & Range
 Original power: 90bhp/67kW
 Converted power 107bhp/80kW*
 Original 0-60: 12.6 seconds
 Converted 0-60: 15 seconds (approx.)**
 Original torque: 143 N.m 106 ft-lb
 Converted torque: 280 N.m / 210 ft-lb
 Converted Range: 130 miles (approx.)
*Can be increased to 200bhp/150kW by adjusting Map in vehicle motor control unit.
** Can be improved by increasing power and torque map. (0-60 slower at present due to
torque delivery map – this is to give the car a smooth driving profile)


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Filmed by Nigel Swan, On Cue Comms & Nissan UK
Edited by: Phil Vaughn Pritchard https://www.philvfilms.com/
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant https://www.matttarantdesign.com

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0:00 Intro
0:49 Nissan building a UK factory
2:09 Rear details
2:47 First British Bluebird build
3:22 Huge employer
3:46 Why the decals?
4:13 Illuminating nose badge
4:38 Conversion details
5:20 Interior
6:08 Bolt-in conversion (no welding)
6:38 ’80s Nissan brochure
7:35 Bluebird models
8:30 Driving on the road
9:20 Power output
9:44 Kerb weight
9:55 Battery pack spec
10:55 Bad keyboard music
11:38 EV range
12:13 Under the bonnet
15:03 Performance
17:00 Toyota MR2 electro hydraulic steering
18:05 Boot and rear battery pack
18:50 Charging details
20:15 A good classic to convert to EV?
21:00 The most famous Nissan Bluebird
21:50 Newbird = recent girlfriend?
22:30 Perfect for ULEZ?
23:44 Terrible keyboard contd…
24:23 Verdict / outro

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