An Idiot’s Guide to Hybrids: Why you’re better off going Electric!

From Fully Charged Show.

Are you considering buying a hybrid car but can’t tell a MHEV from a PHEV? Are you baffled by allegedly ‘self-charging hybrids’? Are you torn between going hybrid or electric, and aren’t sure which would suit you better? Robert and Jack are on hand to decode the confusing world of hybrids and explain why you might just be better off committing to a fully electric vehicle instead.

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00:00 Why don’t we cover hybrids?
01:24 Remember the Prius?
03:39 Mild hybrids
04:29 Self-charging/full hybrids
06:46 Plug-in hybrids
10:04 YOUR questions answered
10:20 BEVs cheaper?
12:00 More peace of mind?
13:35 Dealerships misinforming?
15:44 ‘Electrified’ is too vague!
17:30 Yer a wizard Jack!
17:57 is ANY hybrid better than ICE?
19:23 if BEV isn’t an option?
21:12 TL;DR
22:19 Ode to range extenders
23:04 The one hybrid Robert fancies
23:27 And if you have been…

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