Aptera Production: Delta Development

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Startup SEV automaker Ap tera has been gaining momentum with its flagship SEV in recent months and is steadily moving toward production. When the automaker set out to build the most efficient solar-powered electric vehicle on the planet, they divided the development phase into four key stages. These are, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta stages of development. After successfully completing and showing off prototypes of the Alpha to Gamma stages, Aptera showcased some of the key features of its final production vehicle, the Delta. In a recent video, the automaker released a digital visualization of Delta that shows it nearly complete.
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Since Gamma’s presentation at Fully Charged Live, there has been an accumulation of press releases and teasers from the automaker’s side.
Aptera’s BINC which stands for Body in Carbon will be suplied by CPC. Following Aptera’s principles of simplicity, security, and sustainability, BINC consists of just six main parts. This facilitates the assembly of the Delta, which is heavily assisted by AGVs (or Automated Guided Vehicles) supplied by RedViking. In May 2022, Aptera and RedViking announced an agreement to supply all AGVs (or Automated Guided Vehicles) for Aptera’s final assembly.
The RedViking AGV Mobile Manufacturing Platform is versatile, flexible, scalable, and easy to move. No building modifications are required and quick changes are possible thanks to clean, level floors and a quiet environment. AGV charging takes place when the vehicle is stationary, so it can be charged while work is being completed. This AGV technology allows Aptera to extend the principle of efficiency into the production cycle. This is because the benefits are great. AGVs reduce labor costs while improving safety, accuracy, and productivity. these benefits explains and give great understanding why Aptera chose this path. In November, we learned that Aptera would be the first EV automaker to integrate the North American Charging Standard (NACS), formerly known as Tesla Connector. You can expect that functionality in Delta. Aptera has announced the official use of the new North American Charging Standard (NACS), formerly known as the Tesla Connector. After publicly expressing its support for this charging port standardization, Aptera released a photo of the charging port and announced that Lectron would become the automaker’s supplier of NACS charging ports and EV charging devices.

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