Are EVs less reliable than ICE cars?

From Transport Evolved.

Recently Which? in the UK came out with survey results that suggested nearly 30% of EV owners’ cars up to four years old have had at least one fault in the last year – a result that suggests substantially worse reliability than would be expected for modern ICE vehicles.

So what’s going on? Are EV’s inherently less reliable or is this FUD? Kate dives into the survey and tries to find the answer.

Note: During this video Kate incorrectly pronounced Dacia. She’s aware. Sorry!


00:00 – Introduction
01:24 – Support the channel
01:49 – New technology
03:52 – The Which? survey
05:20 – What did Which? say?
06:20 – Playing with the stats
08:20 – Significance?
08:48 – Other surveys
11:24 – The TLDR;
12:15 – Thanks, and goodbye!


Original Which? Press release:

TV repair video courtesy of ojnoj:

Tim Hunkin:


Script: Kate Walton-Elliott, Winter Tashlin, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Presenter, Camera, Editing, Coloring : Kate Walton-Elliott
End Credits, Animations: Erin Carlie

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