Ariel Atom 4 and Ace motorbike thrashed by Shakey – Byrne Out episode 1

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Ariel Atom 4 car and Ace motorbike thrashed by Shakey and Jonny. Welcome to our first episode of Byrne Out. Our ALL NEW two-wheel playlist.

We wanted to kick off the Byrne Out bike content with a brand who makes both cars and motorbikes – breaking you 4-wheeled nuts in gently – but somehow Suzuki and Honda seemed too obvious, and their cars might be a tad tame/safe for six time British Superbike legend Shakey Byrne. After all, we’re talking about a bloke who isn’t fazed about brake failure at 140mph.

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The Ariel Atom 4 has been out 18 months or more now, and this latest incarnation of the banzai track-focused road car looks much the same as the previous version, but it is in fact all new. New tubing (thicker, stiffer construction and slightly wider cockpit), the first Atom to carry a turbocharged motor (from the current Honda Civic Type R), different suspension and different nose cone design.

However, we first set Shakey off on the Ariel Ace motorbike demonstrator, which showcased Ariel’s historic girder style forks.10 mins in Shakey was pulling the throttle wide upon exiting Ariel HQ and the Ariel employees all stopped in their tracks when they heard him rocket up the road.

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Filmed by: Nick Poole
Edited by: @Inksharkman – InkShark Studio
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant Design
Jonny Smith Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since ’98

0:48 Intro to Atom 4
0:58 Intro to Ace…
1:40 Shakey on board
2:14 Ace bike walkaround
3:30 Ace Honda engine
4:04 Riding the Ace
5:58 Factory tour
7:50 Atom V8 500 experience
8:09 Atom 4 road drive – Jonny
10:52 Standing start – Ace
11:17 Ace performance
11:34 Ace exhaust tunnel run!
12:05 Ace Price
13:43 Atom 4 walkaround
14:29 Atom 4 Price
14:39 Ariel Nomad
14:59 Atom 4 Dimensions
15:13 Atom 4 engine performance stats
15:52 Atom 4 Standing start
17:28 Atom 4 power stats
19:38 Jonny’s thoughts on Atom
20:00 Shakey’s thoughts on Ace
21:34 Shakey drives Atom

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