Audi Ur Quattro Turbo Barn Find – rare survivor sat for nearly 30 years

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Audi Ur Quattro Turbo Barn Find – rare survivor sat for nearly 30 years. Whilst all Ur Quattros hold allure to Jonny, this Alpine white example properly hooked him in. Why? Two reasons. One, It has been sat inside a council garage since 1994. Untouched. Jason (who got in touch with us) has no idea why his brother stopped using it, and why it was put on blocks and left. He also didn’t realise quite how early it was. And that’s the second reason. This is a 1982 car. It is one of the first 72 RHD versions made for the UK market, making it pretty scarce.

Same white Fuch wheels, but the barn (council lock up) find Audi had been fitted with some kind of bodykit and chin spoiler. As was common at the time, it has also had its quad headlights swapped for the post 1983 oblong units.

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Filmed and edited by: Phil Vaughn Pritchard
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant

Jonny Smith
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0:00 Intro
1:24 Meet Jason Harrison
2:47 Opening the garage door
4:02 Launched at 1980 Geneva motorshow
5:10 Subscribe yeah?
6:52 Audi’s 4WD drivetrain history
7:30 Changing rally forever
8:02 Owner’s car history
11:07 Pushing it out
12:00 Out in the sun since 1994
13:00 Historic litter!
13:42 Interior condition
15:55 Engine bay
17:00 Audi Quattro car cave!
18:40 Paperwork history
20:38 VIN decoding
22:30 Early RHD car verification

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