AVOID THE FINES! How to register your electric car for the London Congestion Charge / Electrifying

From Electrifying.


An electric car can save you money in all sorts of ways. There’s the fuel, road tax, servicing, and if you have one or a company lower benefit-in-kind….. the list goes on.

But if you regularly drive into London, there’s an even bigger bonus – exemption from the Congestion Charge. That’s £15 per day. It works between 7am and 6pm during the week and midday to 6pm at weekends, every day – except Christmas and New Year.

Some drivers wrongly assume that just because they have an electric car, the system will automatically recognise them. Sadly, that’s not the case. In fact, registering your car for Congestion Charge Exception is a quite complicated and time-consuming affair.

Thankfully Electrifying.com is here to steer you though the process. Join Nicki as she explains the procedure for registering your car with Transport for London. Do it now and you’ll be able to drive through London care-free!

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