Battery Pack Catches Fire at Rivian Plant, Sandy Monroe Tears Down the R1T: Rivian News Roundup

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Rivian’s production hell this week has been tough. The automaker has seen experienced a few headline problems on its manufacturing line in Normal. There was another fire on the production line as the Normal Fire Department responded to the emmergency at Rivian manufacturing plant on Saturday morning. It is allerged that a battery pack caught fire on the production line. This will be the 3rd fire at the plant in recent months, seven months to be precise.
The fire occured at Rivians battery testing area in the southwest side of the plant. The battery pack that was assembled and being tested went into thermal runaway — when a battery cell overheats and catches fire — The event cause the facility to be evacuated while the fire department fought the flames.
Firefighters moved the battery outside after putting it out and said they continued to cool it with water until it was released to Rivian engineers for investigation and disassembly.
The exact cause of the fire is under investigation, but the battery pack had been in a repair area and was being tested when it ignited, said the fire department. A thermal runaway happens when a battery cell overheats and catches fire. The ignited cell releases more heat to the adjacent cells in a self-sustaining chain reaction.

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