BMW iX xDrive50 First Drive Review

From Tom Moloughney.

We get invited to Germany for the media first-drive event of BMW’s all-new iX xDrive50 electric SUV.

0:00 Intro
1:42 iX xDrive50 walkaround
4:55 What’s under the hood?
5:24 Rear hatch
5:53 Carbon fiber reinforced plastic use
6:05 Interior overview
7:15 Drive modes, iDrive 8 & infotainment
7:23 Center console, power seats & door locks
8:48 Steering wheel
9:35 Rear seating
9:58 Test drive
10:56 BMW’s Iconic sounds
12:12 Power and acceleration
13:02 ADAS and regenerative braking
13:44 Range and efficiency
15:35 Top speed run on the autobahn
16:17 Automated Valet Parking
20:48 Wrapup

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