Bolt EV Goes West #1: All-Electric Road Trip Report (Day 1/2)

From Plug and Play EV.

We’re back on the road for summer travel in our 2020 Chevy Bolt EV (happily not recall-impacted… yet?!) and heading west. How far we’ll go will be figured out as this all-electric road trip unfurls, but the first leg is a quick 250 miles from Boston, MA to Herkimer, NY due to the late afternoon start.

These road reports will be a new format with minimal edits for a quick turnaround. We’ll see if we can keep the pace as we head further west via family in Ohio and beyond, but this one came out fairly quickly so stay tuned (and subscribe for more if you haven’t already).

Given our history in Herkimer (see that 2020 horror show here:, we took the time to check every station there for performance and ease of use. With Electrify America completing renovations of sites along the New York Thruway — and indeed along the Eastern seaboard – the results should speak to how far the network has come as travel gets back underway across the US this summer.

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