Bolt EV Goes West #2: Is the New York Thruway Improving for Electric Cars?

From Plug and Play EV.

This second road report from our summer Bolt EV road trip puts DC Fast charging on the rest of the New York Thruway route to the test, with particular focus on Electrify America (EA) and EV Connect. The former has a troubled history in NY on I-90, while the latter is a new player in terms of fast charging and occupies key locations in service plazas along the Interstate.

EA is tested in Erie, PA and at the notoriously difficult Waterloo. NY location. EV Connect is put to the test via app and credit card activation at the Angola and Warners westbound plazas. Do they make it easier to get across upstate New York or is the route still a patchwork of poor locations and problematic hardware?

Our 400-mile trip across NY to Ohio answers this question and continues from the first video heralding the return to form of EA’s Herkimer location (watch that here:

The journey continues later this week, as we head further west onto unfamiliar highways and regions with extremely limited fast-charging options. Subscribe for that here if you want an alert when those new videos go live —

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