Building the World’s Quickest Street Legal EV

From The Late Brake Show.

Nearly 10 years ago Jonny Smith embarked on this extreme electric project car build – which became the world’s quickest street legal EV. Starting with the least likely of base cars, a British electric city car from the 1970s and rebuilding it with almost 1000hp.

This project cars episode tells the retrospective story of why and how Jonny went about converting the 1974 Enfield 8000 ECC (Electric City Car) to become an extreme electric drag car, which went on to clinch the world record in 2016. 9 second quarter miles in a 9ft long car with no traction control or launch control. Fancy it?

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For further information on this old project of Jonny’s (2012 – 2016) head to the original blog site

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Filmed and edited by: Matty Graham @ Pixel Click
Archive images by: Jonny Smith
Thumbnail design by: Matt Tarrant

Jonny Smith
Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since ’98

0:00 Intro
1:30 Back in 2011
2:38 Why an Enfield?
3:00 Enfield EV history
3:35 Connection with Thrust 2
4:25 Construction of original car
4:45 1970s safety testing
4:58 18 months to find base car!
5:47 Flood damaged
6:00 Ex Tomorrow’s World. ex Quentin Willson
6:25 Bankrolled by a Greek shipping tycoon
7:00 Possible to build a drag car?
8:08 Body strip down
8:30 Electricity board pool car
8:58 Uses existing car parts
9:30 Built on the Isle of Wight (and then Greece)
9:55 Original full tech spec
11:25 Featured in Autocar
12:10 The battery building
12:55 Battery packs being charged
14:00 Military helicopter batteries required!
15:30 First season of racing
16:19 New paint
16:35 Bespoke windscreen saga
17:24 New bumpers moulded
18:08 Bespoke braking system
18:24 Wolfrace slot mags and street tyres
18:50 Chassis mods
19:18 Twin DC motors
20:07 Tiiiiny propshaft!
20:23 Original dash and headliner
20:35 Heads up drag racing series
20:55 Mandatory street cruise
21:37 Mate Rimac
22:10 First season of racing
23:30 John Wayland’s White Zombie Datsun
24:00 Run flats, heated windscreen, onboard charger!
25:42 The EV time forgot
26:09 Would I do it again?
26:38 Thank yous
26:58 Why I sold it…

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