Can e-bikes save cycling?

From Transport Evolved.

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Bicycle ownership globally has been on the decline but over the past few years bike and e-bike sales have seen a massive resurgence. What does that mean for the future of green transportation?

We examine the role that two wheels can play in our cleaner, greener future.


00:00 – Introduction
01:22 – Support the channel
01:34 – Bike Sales
03:55 – Infrastructure impacts of cycling
06:60 – Gains from building cycling infastructure
08:10 – How many people commute by bike
08:40 – Encouraging ownership
09:12 – Conclusion
10:09 – Close, Thanks! And How to support the channel


Presenter: Kate Walton-Elliott
Cameras: Kate Walton-Elliott
Editor: Kate Walton-Elliott
Animations: Erin Carlie, PTV Group (
Teeshirt: Panic at the Kernel
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