Charging A Rivian on a Road Trip: Real World Charging Test

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Charging from 20 to 80% took 41 minutes. Plugged in at 20%, charging immediately jumped up to right around a 140 KW now which is below Rivians advertised peak charging speed of 200kw.
From the graph, between 21% and 40% state of charge we see a very flat charging curve with a slight trend in the upward direction. At 40% charging speed increased to about 150 kilowatt attaining a peak charge rate of 151 kilowatts at 50%.
Though the Rivian can take upto 200kw and the Electrify America can give out upto 350kw, the Rivian charging speed oly went upto 151kw. This can be as a result of a few factors.
These could be the outside temperature, battery pack temperature, availability of power at the charging station.
Between 50 and roughly 61% we do see a fairly steady decay down to a charge rate of roughly 117 kilowatts and it remains there for the early 60% state of charge.
We see a big dip down to 51 kilowatts at 80%. Between 50% and 80% charging dropped from 151 to 51 and it was a pretty rapid.
41 minutes from 20 to 80% may seem like a long time to charge the Rivian but we have to consider that it’s a large battery pack in there, somewhere around 135kwhr.

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