Charging Ahead With The Volkswagen ID.4

From Tom Moloughney.

I partnered with Volkswagen on this sponsored video to explain why I believe the Volkswagen ID.4 is such a great charging electric vehicle.

While I worked with VW on this particular video, I had previously posted a few unaffiliated videos that explain ID.4 charging, recordings of my DC fast charging experiences with the ID.4, and my first-drive impressions. All of which explains why I believe the Volkswagen ID.4 is one of the best new electric vehicles available today, and perhaps the best value in its class.

My ID.4 EV DC fast charging video:

My ID.4 EV Charging deep die video:

My ID.4 EV First Drive Impressions:

Thinking about going electric?

If so, I highly recommend checking out the Volkswagen ID.4: