Coffee + Kilowatts #17: Prioritize More DC Fast Charging Stalls or Stations?

From Plug and Play EV.

With funding suddenly flying in from all corners for EV charging in the United States, from accelerated network expansion plans and automaker partnerships to a whopping $5 billion in federal investment, DC fast charging is about to kick into high gear across the country. But how should these initiatives be prioritized?

Summer 2021 saw people traveling more widely and many more electric cars charging up on their trips. In EV hotspots, charging stalls began to fill up and the public network started to hint at wait times in the near future, a concern that has impacted only the Tesla Supercharger network in most areas to date.

With that in mind, we reboot Coffee + Kilowatts for 2022 and ask a relatively simple question: should DCFC network planners upgrade existing sites with more stalls to serve the expected surge in EVs on the road, or simply get more charge station locations to the map?

This was the most popular topic on a poll we conducted towards the tail end of 2021, so hopefully it provides fertile ground for discussion as we get stuck into a big year for electric vehicles. DCFC will play a pivotal role in that success, so let us know what you think is key down in the comments!

*** Big thanks to Luis and Dan for starting the winter java in 2022, as well as Bob, Dave and Brian for keeping the coffee flowing as we ended 2021! ***

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