Drive review of the NEW Nissan Ariya EV – the hotly anticipated Tesla, VW & Ford electric SUV rival.

From The Late Brake Show.

Drive review of the NEW Nissan Ariya EV – the hotly anticipated Tesla, VW & Ford electric SUV rival. The Tesla Y, VW ID.4 & Ford Mach-E are just a few of the rivals that the Ariya electric crossover will have to fend all to win the hearts (and lease agreements) of consumers.

We first filmed a walk-around of the 310+ mile range Ariya back in January 2021, so this follow-up drive has taken a while, to say the least, and there are numerous reasons for that. However, welcome to our official road test review and super-critique of the NEW Nissan Ariya.

It’s been a hotly anticipated release and Nissan have high hopes for its success. And yes, there’s no doubt, the powers that be at Tesla will be watching with great care, as will the likes of VW, Ford and Skoda. Why? Well Nissan’s piston cross-over (soft SUV) game is strong; they’ve sold over 3 million Qashqai’s to-date, and this EV is geared to do the same, pro-rata. On paper it ticks all the boxes – looks, space, range, functionality and most importantly, a decent price to boot (if you’re in the market for a new car) – so they should be worried. But does it love up to the hype in the flesh/metal and most importantly, from the driving seat?

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Filmed by: Nissan UK
Edited by: Alex Tyler
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant
Jonny Smith Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since ’98

0:00 intro
0:30 EV brother of Qashqai?
1:30 Rivals of Ariya
2:10 Spec levels
2:25 Ride quality
3:03 Dimensions
4:46 Two battery sizes
5:50 Annoying boot
6:32 Boot space
7:25 Infotainment
8:25 Cheap plastics
9:15 0-62mph test
9:55 Grip
11:45 22kW onboard charging
12:00 PRICING on all 4 models
13:20 Made in Japan
14:00 Bigger brakes
14:25 Motorised centre console
14:55 Cabin design
16:06 Rear passenger space
18:15 GT-R DNA in the handling
19:06 Steering feel and grip

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