E10 Fuel in your classic car?| The facts |Down at the barns episode 12

From Down at the barns.

In September 2021 E10 fuel will take over from the current E5 petrol at your local filling station, but what will this mean for older cars and in particular the classic vehicles we all love? Ethanol in petrol is currently 5% going up to 10% hence E10, having just filled up his Triumph Stag with E10, Les travels to the Barns to meet Nick who will explain what all of this means especially as he has heard stories of components and engine parts failing, will he need to to drain the tank? Watch this episode to find out!

Do you own a classic car? The we would like to hear from you if you have a story to tell and how you plan to keep your classic on the road for the future and maybe feature your cherished classic in a future episode, so get in touch here

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