Episode 151 – Montreal Roadtrip – A visit with FastWheels and Topwrap!

From EV Revolution Show.

November 26, 2021

I took a road trip to Montreal recently to visit Ian at FastWheels and Joshua at TopWrap.ca.

In this episode, I get a tour of FastWheels and learn more about this fascinating business. At TopWrap, the Team help me out by re-doing my side strips I got from them a year ago as well as applying a PPF treatment to my Model 3 front bumper.

Hope you enjoy learning more about these companies! Thanks for Watching!

FastCo: www.fastco.ca
TopWrap: www.topwrap.ca

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Starting Credits/Intro: 00:00
FastWheels: 00:36
TopWrap.ca: 11:07
Final Comments/Contact information: 15:47
End Credits: 16:20

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