EQ 006 – How do EVs heat the cabin in winter? Heat pump, or not?

From EV-olution.

If you ever wondered how an electric car creates heat for the cabin in the winter, then this video should be of interest to you. Is it worth having a heat pump in an electric car? What is a PTC Heater? There are three general types of heating in an electric car and in this video I give a brief overview of all three, and give examples of some of the EVs that use them.

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00:00 Intro
00:18 My wife and I thank you
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01:47 Heating a car – Gas vs Electric
02:19 Older technology
03:05 What’s a P.T.C Heater?
04:17 The heat pump
05:25 Not all EVs have a heat pump
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06:18 Links to my stuff
06:53 Should you get a car with a heat pump?
08:38 Bloopers