EV Charging Made Easy – BONNET

From Fully Charged Plus.

In this episode, Robert Llewelyn speaks with Patrick Reich, co-founder of Bonnet, a
user-friendly platform that aggregates EV charge points across numerous charging

Patrick discusses the challenges many EV drivers face with public charging and how
Bonnet helps in alleviating issues such as charging anxiety and reliability issues. The
platform offers various benefits including its flexible pricing structure, guaranteeing
cheaper charging rates to EV drivers through dynamic monthly refill plans and
increased reliability with up-to-date real-time data that ensure drivers are always able
to charge immediately on charge point arrival.

Viewers can get their first monthly refill pack, worth up to £50, for free by
downloading the Bonnet app and using this voucher code: FULLYCHARGED.

For more information: www.joinbonnet.com

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