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What is Air Tightness Testing and how can it help in draught proofing your home?

This week Robert is joined on location by Dean Fielding from the charity Zero Carbon World and also Fully Charged LIVE’s Home Energy Advice Team.

They’re in a domestic property to see one of the most effective and cost efficient tests you can do to identify where your home is leaking warm air, and therefore energy and money.

Outside of new build developments, air permeability or air tightness testing isn’t widely known, yet it can be very successful in finding areas of your property where warm air is leaking out.

By identifying and fixing these problem areas there is the potential to make your home warmer, quieter and more comfortable to live in, whilst at the same time saving you money on your energy bills.


Bottoms of skirting boards
Behind kitchen sinks & under plinths
Behind toilets & under baths
Pipes & cables through walls
Light Fittings & plug sockets
‘Dot & Dab’ Plaster Boards
Voids between floors
Fireplaces & Chimneys
Redundant Air Bricks
Poorly Fitted Windows
Loft Hatches
Any perforations in ceilings, walls or floors either inside or
outside of the property.

0:00 Intro
00:45 What is it?
02:07 Robert’s Biggest Fan
03:21 That’s Windy
04:07 Leaky Loft Hatch
05:26 Quick Tips
06:14 Cost Savings
06:55 No Fresh Air?
07:39 Does it work on any House?
09:36 Good News Regs
10:00 Get Tested
11:00 Outro

Find out more about Zero Carbon World here: https://zerocarbonworld.org

The Testing Team were from NATTS: https://northernairtesting.co.uk

Sources of help with getting your home tested:
ATMA: https://www.atma.org.uk
Elmhurst Energy: https://www.elmhurstenergy.co.uk

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