Everyone Is Mad At FORD RECALLS! Desperate Ford CEO Announcement

From Top Electric.

Ford faced numerous problems last year when it came to its quality control. In fact, Ford has been named the car manufacturer that has issued the most recalls in 2022. Recalls that are this frequent could damage the company’s reputation significantly and could lower its sales figures and popularity among buyers. According to a dataset released by the United States Department of Transportation on Monday, Ford issued 67 recalls during the previous year, making them by far the most-recalled auto manufacturer, as they had a full 22 recalls more than the second-placed Volkswagen, which had a total of 45 recalls Out of these 67 recalls, a whopping 12 were powertrain related, which is nothing shy of catastrophic! Eight more were issued because of faults that concern the sensors and cameras, and the rest were primarily electrical issues which, while expected, is still too big a number to be absolved. I mean, it’s only 5 recalls less 40 than the total amount of recalls of the second-placed Volkswagen 45. Believe it or not, there is a myriad of reasons why, however, they all share the same root, and that is the fact that Ford is ramping up their production, while at the same time also completely changing their philosophy of making cars. You see, Ford has been experiencing a renaissance, as their production has completely shifted from making all sorts of vehicles to making exclusively SUVs, with the exception of the All-New Ford Mustang.