Flexing a RWD rear engined classic first car

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Flexing a RWD, rear engined classic first car. If we hear about Singer cars in 2022 we probably think of the ‘Reimagined’ Porsche 911s that have been beautifully back-dated. The old English car manufacturer of Singer is probably lesser known today, despite being part of the once-world leading Rootes group.

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The OG Singer is subject of this Generation Flex video, because it is a rare choice for a first car these days. Yet Zack in Essex wanted an Imp or Imp derivative since he was 15. His parents were into Minis, but he kept seeing these cheeky alternatives at car shows.

If you haven’t heard of our new playlist called Generation Flex before, the basic premise is to celebrate young drivers and owners (under 25) of interesting, retro or modified cars, fronted by our very own young driver, Miles, aka the ManDelorean.

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Filmed by Edited by: Phil Vaughn Pritchard https://www.philvfilms.com/
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant https://www.matttarrantdesign.com

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