Ford F-150 Lightning Intelligent Backup Power: Everything You Need To Know

From Tom Moloughney.

The Ford F-150 Lightning will have the ability to power your home in the event of a power outage. The system needed to offer this feature is called Ford Intelligent Backup Power. In this video, I ask Ford’s Energy Services Co-Lead, and Head of Intelligent Backup Power, Ryan O’Gorman fifteen common questions that my followers have asked me about the system.

Everything you need to know about charging the Ford F-150 Lightning:

0:00 Intro
2:29 Does Intelligent Backup Power require a 320-amp electric service?
5:50 Does Ford Charge Station Pro require a 100-amp circuit?
7:40 If you reduce the power output of the Ford Charge Station Pro, can you still use Intelligent Backup Power at the full rate?
8:20 How long is the cable on Ford Charge Station Pro?
9:34 Is Ford Charge Station Pro a DC fast charger?
12:23 Can you charge a Tesla vehicle with Ford Charge Station Pro?
14:52 Can your solar array power your house with Ford Charge Station Pro on?
16:42 Can your solar array charge the Ford F-150 Lightning while Intelligent Backup Power is running?
17:29 What equipment do you need to use Ford Intelligent Backup Power?
19:10 Are you required to use Sunrun to install Ford Intelligent Backup Power?
20:40 Is there any version of the F-150 Lightning that cannot use Ford Intelligent Backup Power?
24:00 Will using Ford Intelligent Backup Power frequently affect my battery warranty?
26:30 Will Ford Intelligent Backup Power turn on automatically?
28:34 Can you limit how low the battery state of charge goes while using Intelligent Backup Power?
31:47 How long can Ford Intelligent Backup Power power your home?
35:59 Outro

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