Four Years with Brian’s Veloster N

From Alex on Autos.

It has been about four years since I began daily driving a Hyundai Veloster N. 2019 model year, no performance package, manual transmission, of course. No DCT was available at the time, but I am glad. This is an easy manual to work with, and the rest of the driving experience is have-it-your-way: go-kart when you want it, sensible and practical economy car when you need it. Here are my findings on life with the Veloster N – the good and the bad.

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0:00 Introduction
0:44 Maintenance
3:48 Interior
5:19 Driving Enjoyment
6:04 Quirkiness
6:21 Back Seat
6:44 Cargo
7:30 Design
8:18 Final Thoughts
8:46 Closing