FUDBUSTING: EVs Trapping You In The Snow?!

From Transport Evolved.

We were all pretty busy with CES last week – but one story that caught our attention while we were covering the show was the almost inevitable memes that began to spread FUD (that’s Fear Uncertain and Doubt) about how electric cars perform in super-cold weather.

The meme (and countless variants we’ve seen) questioned how useful electric cars would be in weather conditions like the massive storm that attacked Northern Virginia at the start of this year. They suggested (among other things) that electric cars would run out of power, didn’t have any on-board heating, and had the snowdrifts contained just electric vehicles, would have clogged up the roads for days.

It’s obviously a tactic designed to discourage people from buying an electric car and so, in the first of a new semi-regular series, we’ve decided to tackle this one head on.

00:00 Introduction
01:00 Heavy snow hits Virginia
01:34 Scary Memes
02:57 Rough calculations
03:34 Real-world experiences
04:24 Link to @Technology Connections – https://youtu.be/7J52mDjZzto
06:47 Benefits for EV heating
07:36 ICE car problems
08:39 Thanks, and goodbye!


Presenter: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Cameras: Michael Horton
Editor: Kate Walton-Elliott
Teeshirt: Transport Evolved
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