Grizzl-E Smart EV Charging Station Review

From Tom Moloughney.

The Grizzl-E Smart is the smart-charging version of the very popular Grizzl-E CVlassic which we reviewed a few months ago. It’s a 40-amp smart-charger for electric vehicles from Canada-based United Chargers that is built to survive even the most challenging weather conditions. We put it through our tests and offer our thoughts on this reasonably-priced EV smart-charging option.

It comes with a 24-foot long cord and remote connector holster and is a great deal for only $539.00.
We thoroughly tested out the Grizzl-E Smart including freezing it overnight and soaking it in a bucket of water to offer this comprehensive video review.

Our Grizzl-E Classic review:

Click here to order a Grizzl-E Classic:
Click here to order the Grizzl-E Smart:

Video timestamps:
0:00 Intro
1:13 Power delivery & derating
2:13 Available in white and black
2:34 Cable length & plug
4:11 Easy-EV plug holster
6:22 Connector & charging Teslas
6:53 Safety certification
7:09 Aluminum NEMA-4 outer casing
7:34 Installation
8:58 Extreme weather & bucket dunk test
11:02 Cable deep freeze test
15:54 Smart charging and OCPP
19:55 ChargerRater
21:42 My personal rating and overall score
22:22 What I didn’t like
23:11 My likes and the wrapup

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