Has BYD beaten Tesla to a truly affordable EV? | BYD Dolphin Review

From Fully Charged Show.

We first saw the prototype of the EA1, or Dolphin, during the BYD factory tour a few months ago, and now Elliot takes one out for a drive to see if this could well be the best small, affordable electric car around.

This is a well-built, all purpose little city car built on BYD’s new 3.0 Ocean platform and using blade batteries, one of the safest battery options available. The design is sharp and funky and, while some of the features might be a little basic, this car is full of cool tech including vehicle to load capability, and delivers amazing value for money.

BYD are working at speed to get these cars to market with the EA1 confirmed as the first city car that will get sent overseas. With legacy car manufacturers like VW announcing their affordable and small electric cars won’t be available until 2025, in the race to transition the masses to electric, BYD will be hard to catch.

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0:00 Ding dong
1:34 Blade batteries
2:44 Sending overseas
4:13 First impressions
6:04 Luxury features
6:51 Charging & batteries
7:48 Autonomous driving
9:00 Front end
10:27 Cool design
12:38 Ready, steady, cook!
14:04 Full of features
15:42 Likes & dislikes
17:05 Price
18:23 Category defining

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