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For this showcase we spoke to Peter Melville founder of HEVRA, the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repair Alliance, to find out how their network of skilled EV garages and technicians are providing a valuable service and reassurance to the growing number of EV owners here in the UK and overseas.

Repair anxiety may not be a familiar phrase, but it can be a barrier for people looking to get their first EV. With more and more EVs on the road, and with a growing used market, in the unfortunate circumstances that something goes wrong with it, will your local garage have the skillset and tools to fix it?

Well, that is exactly why HEVRA was set up, to support and help drivers, but also to create, train and support a growing network of independent garages with the specialist skills to fix EV specific issues.

Find your nearest UK based specialist HEVRA garage via the link below, and if you’re outside of the UK, simply use the international website link.

For more information on UK based HEVRA garages: https://hevra.org.uk

For more information on International HEVRA garages: http://www.fixev.org

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