Honda’s Passport Gets A Rugged Nose Job For 2022 | Honda Passport TrailSport First Drive

From Alex on Autos.

No crossover would be complete without a rugged off-road trim and Honda has obliged with the 2022 Passport TrailSport. The rest of the Passport adopts many of the rugged styling cues to help it stand out in a growing segment as well. The one glaring omission? More off-road capability. Don’t get me wrong, the AWD system in the Passport and ground clearance are perfectly capable of going as far off the beaten path as most of the competition, and the iVTM-4 rear axle’s torque vectoring function acts as a limited slip differential off road putting this system in a different class than the Outback Wilderness… What’s odd is that all of that also happens in the other trims. TrailSport doesn’t bring you more clearance, more capability, or more off-road oriented tires, it’s just a trim package. So if you like orange accents, this is your model.

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