HOURS AGO! Biggest Reveals From the TESLA SEMI Delivery Event

From Torque News.

Here are the biggest reveals that we learned about Tesla Semi and its specs from last night’s Tesla Semi Delivery Event.

Torque News Tesla reporter Jeremy Johnson writes that the first and most important thing is that the Tesla semi is safe. Tesla has a revolutionary feature called regenerative braking and this is even more important for semi trucks. When a truck is going down hill, it has to take proactive measures to avoid having to veer off and use an emergency off ramp.

This will no longer be the case with the Tesla semi as the energy that is gained from going down hill will be regenerated into the battery and the truck will slow down acceleration when going down hill and be able to charge itself while doing so. This is a big deal and will make Tesla semis much more safe than a diesel truck.

The next big reveal is that the Tesla semi can go 500 miles of range on a single charge. This means not having to stop at all and drive. Tesla even released a video of the Tesla semi going 500 miles, which I shared with a commentary on this Torque News Youtube channel. In case you haven’t seen it, please take a 2-minute look of my previous video.

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