How China’s high speed rail KILLED the short haul flight

From Fully Charged Show.

China introduced its first high speed bullet train in 2008, just three years after it retired its last steam train. Fast forward to 2022 and there are now a staggering 9,600 high speed rail lines transporting 2.2 billion passengers each year. Today travelling long distances so rapidly has transformed how people commute and dramatically reduced the number of short haul flights taken each year. Elliot took a trip and successfully completed The Fully Charged Show’s first ever train review!

00:00 Shanghai
01:00 Bye bye planes
01:37 2008 – the first bullet train
02:40 The last commercial steam train
03:30 The 431km train!
05:05 The bullet train vs short haul flights
06:52 Trains are never delayed
08:29 Never reviewed a train before
09:00 150km could be a short commute
10:45 The elephant in the room
11:30 CO2 per transport mode
12:41 A trip to the countryside and concluding thoughts

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