How Large Will Rivian’s Second Manufacturing Plant Be?

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Rivian announced a few weeks back that it had chosen a site to construct its second manufacturing facilities for its R1T electric adventure truck, the R1S sUV and the amazon van. Rivian indicated that this facility was going to be in Georgia. Plans for the upcoming factory have now been revealed by Rivian Forums, and they provide loads of details. Let’s take a look
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Rivian chose Georgia to be the location of its second factory because Georgia put together a more compelling incentives package, outbidding Fort Worth City Council’s approved $440 million tax incentive package for the company if it chose to locate its new factory on land southwest of downtown Fort Worth.

Rivian’s proposals to earn these massive tax breaks and inventive packages indicated that Rivian would invest $5 billion on the new facility, employing at least 7,500 employees. These are big numbers so it’s arguably obvious that the new manufacturing plant will be massive and packed with innovative features.

Georgia Plant map:

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