How to save money on your energy bills #savemoney #saveelectricity #greenenergy #energycrisis

From Down at the barns.

How to save money on your energy bills with the rising cost of living rising and the country heading towards an energy crisis electric and gas bills increased, petrol price hikes what can be done?

Lesley Lee has created a 7 step plan for his home which he is hoping to also implement Down at the barns and share with our subscribers. Les discusses the process of minimising and measuring the energy your house uses, the meaning of load shifting your energy, planning your future energy needs, a storage plan and selecting solutions, creating a complete power wall in your home. Nick talks about ‘vehicle to grid’ the process of using your EV to store electric and feed the energy back into your home with eco classics being one of the first retro classic EV companies to be involved in this development.

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#ev #petrolpricehike #costofliving #saveelectricity #greenenergy #windturbine #solarpower #solarpanel #pricecap

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