ID. Buzz Cargo – Full In-depth Review of this All-Electric Commercial Van

From EV Review Ireland.

ID. Buzz Cargo – Full In-depth Review of this All-Electric Commercial Van

Derek Reilly from EV Review Ireland has a look around the exterior, interior and takes the Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo out for a drive.

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Front and Side Design
00:57 External Dimensions
1:05 Charge Speeds
1:27 Rear lights, options and load area
2:25 Towing
Internal Load Dimensions
Colour Options
Cable Storage
4:01 Twin Sliding Doors
4:09 IQ Lights Front and Rear
4:21 2 Seat Option
4:27 Cabin Features
6:11 Video Partner Nevo
6:31 Out For A Drive
7:04 No Electric Caddy
7:19 Electric Motor Power, Top Speed & 0-100km
7:35 Cabin Feel, Space and Storage
8:04 Heated Seats
8:13 Battery Size, Charging Speeds and Times
8:35 Plug & Charge
9:19 Roof box, Towing and Suspension
9:36 MEB Similarities
9:47 Weight Please (the Van, not me I’ve enough thanks)
10:11 Range and Consumption Figures (WLTP)
10:25 Driver Assists
10:39 Load Bay Height, Sliding Doors Width & Height
10:56 Steering Wheel vs Driver Display
11:12 Brakes and Regen
11:29 Acceleration and Drive Modes
11:41 No ID. Light
11:55 Is there a Head-Up Display Option?
12:21 No Buttons
12:37 A Practical Icon
13:03 Vs Mercedes e-Vito
13:37 Leave a comment
13:53 Outro & Please Subscribe

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