Infrastructure & Build Back Better. (Or Why You Can’t Get A Rebate/Credit On Your Tesla Yet).

From Transport Evolved.

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Yesterday (at the time of filming this video), U.S. President Joe Biden signed the recently-passed Infrastructure bill.

Very different to the original bill planned by the White House, this bill retains many good things for cleaner energy and transportation. But we’ve also had lots of questions from viewers about when the highly-publicized changes to EV incentives will kick in.

To clear some confusion up, and explain things in depth, here’s our take on the Infrastructure bill – and what to look out for in the upcoming Build Back Better Bill – which is expected to pass the House as early as this week.

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00:00 – Introduction
02:37 – Confusion abounds
03:14 – Two different Bills
04:22 – The Infrastructure bill doesn’t change incentives – the Build Back Better Bill does
04:54 – Neglected roads get funding
05:20 – Funds for Railways
06:27 – Electrical Grid investmentsstments don’t take into account the need for electric air travel
08:53 – Electric Car Charging provisions
10:08 – School bus electrification
10:32 – The Build Back Better Bil hasn’t pased (yet)
11:21 – Changed incentives for EV purchases
12:02 – $12,500 in incentives come with a catch
12:32 – Teired Incentives
13:06 – Bonus for US-made components
13:39 – Union stipulation
14:52 – Union disclaimers
15:28 – Income restrictions
16:02 – MSRP limits
17:00 – Changes in the future
18:46 – Thanks, and Goodbye!


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