Interview: Designing The 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV

From Transport Evolved.

Last week at a virtual #CES2022 press conference, @General Motors CEO Mary Barra unveiled the 2024 @Chevrolet Silverado EV for the first time, complete with 400+ mile claimed range, all-wheel steering and impressive acceleration.

The next day, we got a chance to check out the same 2024 Silverado EV for the first time at a very short viewing session at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. On Friday, we shared with you our first impressions – but today we’re chatting to three of the team responsible for making the Silverado EV a reality: Nichole Kraatz, Chief Engineer for Silverado EV; Ryan Vaughan, Chevrolet Design Director for the Silverado EV; and Steve Majoros, Vice President of Chevrolet Marketing.

To make it easier for you to pick the videos you want to watch, we’ve split these three short interviews into three short videos. This video is with Ryan Vaughan, Chevrolet Design Director for the Silverado EV – but follow the links below to see the two other videos in this series, as well as our first impression walk around!

Interview with Nichole Kraatz – Engineering –
Interview with Ryan Vaughan – Design –
Interview with Steve Majoros – Marketing –
Walk-around of the Silverado EV: –
2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV First Look
Presenter, Audio, Producer : Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Camera, Editor: Michael Horton
Coloring: Winter Tashlin
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General Motors provided airfare, meals and lodging to enable us to bring you this first person report. Transport Evolved retained all editorial control of the content of this report.

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