Is Tesla About to Change How Charging Works in North America?

From Transport Evolved.

For years, European Teslas used a proprietary version of the Type 2 Mennekes plug for all their charging needs, but the brand dumped that socket to join the CCS2 standard, bringing its cars in line with most EVs in that market. Now, is Tesla preparing to make a similar move and drop its proprietary charging inlet in North America in favor of CCS-1? We here at the channel think it’s a very real possibility, and in this video, Winter explains why.


00:00 – Introduction
00:23 – Charging Connector History
01:56 – European Tesla Confusion
03:44 – Tesla Goes CCS2
04:17 – Signs Tesla May Go CCS1
07:14 – Speed Considerations
09:17 – Expanding Access
12:26 – How Would It Work?
13:43 – Final Thoughts
14:24 – Outro


Presenter: Winter Tashlin
Script: Winter Tashlin, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Kate Walton-Elliott
Camera: Winter Tashlin, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Audio: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Produced: Transport Evolved

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