Just WHAT is Plug & Charge? And Why Does It Matter?

From Transport Evolved.

Plug and Charge has made a splash in the EV world by making the EV charging experience vastly smoother for non-Tesla owners. But what is it, does your car have it (and if not, which cars do?) and how does it work?

We explain all.

00:00 – Introduction
01:10 – Support the channel
01:30 – The Tesla experience
02:39 – The non-Telsa experience
04:38 – A quick background on Plug and Charge
05:39 – Which cars have Plug and Charge?
07:09 – How does it work for you, the user?
08:00 – Fastned’s support for non-plug and charge cars
08:35 – Lending others your car and credit card…
09:33 – Close, Thanks! And How to support the channel.


Presenter: Kate Walton-Elliott
Cameras: Kate Walton-Elliott
Editor: Kate Walton-Elliott
Teeshirt: Risc V – Original 2020
© Transport Evolved LLC, 2022


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