Kia EV6 – RSPAS – Remote Smart Parking Assist – How To

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Kia EV6 – RSPAS – Remote Smart Parking Assist – How To Video

For those really tight parking spaces, drivers can call upon the EV6’s Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA) system to take the hassle out of parking entirely. RSPA is a feature that enables the vehicle to park itself autonomously, whether or not the driver is in the vehicle. Using surround view cameras and ultrasonic sensors, the EV6 can highlight a parking space of a suitable size and automatically steer itself into the space, with automatic control of accelerator, brakes and gearshift. What’s more, RSPA can park the vehicle in both perpendicular and parallel parking bays.

In this video, Derek Reilly from EV Review Ireland shows how to use the Remote Operation and Remote Smart Parking. The Remote Smart Parking Assist package includes

– "Remote Operation" Remotely moving forward or backward
– "Smart Parking or Remote Smart Parking" Perpendicular reverse parking or Parallel reverse parking
– "Smart Exit" Parallel forward exit

These functions are only available on some models/trim levels.


0:00 Remote Operation
1:02 Remote Smart parking

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