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If you own an electric vehicle that is not rated to tow* a trailer (see list below), but want to bring some extra stuff on a trip, what can you do? You can add a roof rack and cargo box, but it is a bit more complicated that just sticking it on the roof. There are important things that you should know before you buy, and this video gives you the basic information needed. I hope you like the video and please let me know if you have any questions.


A list of some EVs that are not rated to tow.
Towing with one of these vehicles could void your warranty*:
– Nissan Leaf
– Kia Niro EV
– Kia Soul EV
– Hyundai Kona Electric
– Hyundai Ioniq Electric
– Mustang Mach-E
– Renault ZOE
– VW e-Golf

* NOTE: A comment on Facebook reminded me that towing capacity is different depending on the country you are in so verify on your local manufacturer"s Web site, or contact them directly, to confirm if you car is rated for towing or not.

+++ NOTE: It seems that I was mixed up in my conversions, at the 2:07 mark the video shows 225 cm = 67 inches when in fact it is 170 cm. Sorry for the mistake and thanks to viewer U H for catching that.

The link to the manufacturer is below, and here is the list of parts that I have for my Kia Niro EV (same for all Niro versions):
– Thule WingBar Evo 118 – 711200
– Thule Rapid Podium Foot Pack – 460R (locks are extra)
– Niro Thule Fitkit – No. 184076
– Thule Pulse M Cargo Box

*** 2021-08-20 UPDATE: It would seem that the 460R foot pack is discontinued and replaced by the Flush Rail Evo foot pack (Thule part #710601). This means that the fit kit included in the new foot pack is a different one from the 184076; the new fit kit is included with the new foot pack.

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00:00 Intro
00:29 Disclaimer – Not sponsored
00:57 Car roof capacity!?
01:29 Why I chose this brand
01:59 Cargo box choice and why
02:36 Thule Pulse M cargo box & Features
04:22 Modern anchoring system
06:14 How to remove the box
06:48 Blooper alert & Social media
07:46 Roof rack choices and parts
10:19 Rack parts and dismantle
13:00 How to install the rack
14:55 How to install the cargo box
15:24 Where I bought mine & the price
16:05 Analytics what?
17:09 Bloopers