Let’s Shine Some Light On The Dawn Project

From Transport Evolved.

Over the MLK Weekend, a full-page ad appeared in the New York Times, calling for Tesla’s Full Self Driving Beta to be banned from the roads of the U.S.
It made some pretty spurious allegations against Tesla and its FSD technology – and has certainly raised quite a few eyebrows in the automotive world.

Coming from a seemingly grass-roots organization called "The Dawn Project," we had a lot of questions about the ad.

And we figured you might do too. So, we decided to dig deeper.


00:00 Introduction
01:40 The New York Times Ad
02:02 Allegations Made
03:00 PSA: There are multiple "Dawn Project" Groups
03:29 Who is behind The Dawn Project?
04:00 About its founder
04:21 …And his company
05:29 Are the criticisms valid?
06:19 Why legacy auto isn’t behind it.
07:30 The likely "real" reasons?
08:43 Mobileye, and past bad blood?
09:48 Thanks, and goodbye!


Presenter: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Cameras: Michael Horton
End Credits: Erin Carlie
Editor: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Teeshirt: Transport Evolved
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