Modifying our new Suzuki Jimny – time for retro wheels

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Welcome back to the Late Brake Show, with a part 2 update on the modifying of the Smith family’s project Suzuki Jimny SZ5 (JB74). This was the UK’s first privately owned Jimny, purchased in December 2018. Finally, it gets new wheels, all-terrain tyres and some winter ready paint protection (ceramic coating). Plus, as a lot of you ask regularly, Jonny has gone to town on corrosion resistance on the floorpan and chassis of the Suzuki, an easy process that can prolong the lifespan and residual value of newer and classic cars. The underneath is often the forgotten part of a car. Ignore it and the rot will rear its fugly, expensive head…

If you haven’t watched the previous installments of the Jimny project, have a watch at the below links:

In this episode the Jimny receives long-lasting ceramic coating paint treatment, rust resisting cavity waxing on the floorpan and chassis, and a long awaited set of fresh wheels and all-terrain tyres.

Purchased in December 2018 after a year of waiting (hounding Suzuki UK), the CarPervert family Jim has covered 17,500 miles and is shortly to require its first MoT test (mandatory every year in the UK for cars under 40 years old).

For the underbody protection Jonny used the following Bilt Hamber products ( Dynax-UB (browny clear), Dynax-UC (clear), Dynax-S50 (for cavities and voids). 750ml aerosol – £14.95.

Wheels are American Racing ‘Baja’ AR172 in 16 x 8J (0mm offset) and 5 x 139.7. The wheels came from Wheel Pros –

Tyres are General Grabber AT3 in 215/70/16 (

White tyre lettering came from Mr Whitewalls (
Insta @mr_whitewalls

Huge thanks to Nuovo Detailing ( for their help.
Insta @nuovodetailing

Thanks also to Carbon Collective ( detailing products.
Insta @carboncollective

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Filmed and edited by: Wayne Lennon –
Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant Design

Jonny Smith
Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since ’98

0:00 Intro
1:30 Snow foam and decontamination
1:45 Machine polishing and paint correction
3:25 Ceramic coating – PAINT
8:12 Ceramic coating – PLASTIC TRIM
11:08 Rust protection on chassis/underbody
11:52 Rust protection products used
12:47 Cavity wax injection
16:47 White tyre lettering – DIY style
17:47 American Racing wheel details
18:46 Ceramic coating WHEELS
20:38 Machine polishing WHEELS
23:12 Detailing studio scrutiny lights x 5
23:51 Size difference new Vs old tyres
24:25 Fitting up new WHEELS
25:24 Recap and verdict
27:08 Subscribe

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