NIO ES8 EU-Edition Review

From CleanTechnica.

This video is a complete review of the European version of the NIO ES8 complete with English UI and all. Because NIO is a Chinese company, western media has not yet had a chance really get to know the company’s products like the ES8, in this video we do our best to rectify that and show people just how amazing this car is.

In case you missed it we also have an article review of the NIO ES8.

For those who are interested we also have a video where we go through the entire user interface of NIO OS.


00:00 Preview
00:41 Intro
01:31 Exterior
02:28 Intro interior
02:37 Second row
03:53 Third row
04:37 Front row
07:00 No start button
07:30 Shifting gears
08:22 Front passenger seat
09:15 Trunk
10:16 Screen & UI
13:16 NOMI
13:32 Performance
14:16 Acceleration NIO vs Model X
16:14 Breaking & Off Road
18:38 Battery Swapping
19:30 Charging
22:00 Conclusion